Grow Up is a website dedicated to the exploration of youth on screen. 

We are passionate about teen film and television, and the influence these genres have on our lives. With the site, we aim to work through how films and TV shows about youth develop our identity and understanding of the world. 

We are looking for a mixture of thoughtful critique, features, personal essays, reviews and creative responses, which expand how we look at and consider teen film, television, and coming-of-age narratives.

We wish to cast a wide net as possible. From Disney Channel Original Movies to indie films, from world cinema to old classics engaging with youth, we want to see it all and have fun exploring the film and television which helps us grow up.

Grow Up is voluntarily run, and unfortunately, we are not currently in a position to commission writers. Please keep this in mind when pitching.


Before submitting, we highly encourage you to check out our About page and get acquainted with the site, our mission, and what we publish.

Please email pitches to, with ‘Pitch’ in the subject line.

When submitting a pitch, please include the following:

  • A strong thesis statement
  • The name of the film/TV show(s) you want to talk about, and why (including specific examples from the text, if applicable)
  • A bit about yourself, including any film related interest/expertise, and personal pronouns
  • One to two examples of your work and/or writing samples.

Please keep in mind, as we live and work in opposite time zones, there may be some delays in email responses. All pitches can expect a response in 3-5 days of being sent.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

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